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Climbing Technology Musa Harness

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The Climbing Technology Musa Women's Harness is a multi-purpose adjustable three-buckle harness, designed for multipitch, mountaineering and climbing. Women's specific fit.

Main features:

  • internal structure designed for optimal load distribution;
  • ergonomic waist belt and V-shaped leg loops, with thin padding and mesh that provide optimum comfort when in use and in suspension;
  • adjustable leg loops with buckles for quick adjustment for different sizes;
  • reduced belay loop dimensions to make it easier to use with ropes and/or with the carabiner from the belay device;
  • two rigid gear loops to facilitate the clipping and unclipping of quickdraws;
  • two rear flexible gear loops to accommodate equipment and one rear loop for accessories;
  • two tool holder slots on the sides and a rear loop for the chalk bag.

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