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Climbing Technology North Couloir Ice Axe & Hammer

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The Climbing Technology North Couloir Ice Axe and Hammer. 

Technical ice axe designed for ice climbing and technical mountaineering. Icefalls, north faces and goulottes are all ideal terrain for this ice axe. The possibility to fully modulate the tool with various accessories gives it a unique versatility within its category. The lightness and the precise balance makes this piece of equipment suitable for both men and women.

Length - 50cm. 

These are the retail conformations:

  • NORTH COULOIR HAMMER, equipped with the ICE blade, the HAMMER and the IMPACT HAMMER;
  • NORTH COULOIR ADZE equipped with the ICE blade, the ADZE shovel and the IMPACT HAMMER;
  • NORTH COULOIR, equipped with the ICE blade and the IMPACT HAMMER.

Main features:

  • fully modular head for adapting the ice axe to all the various activities on ice and mixed technical climbing;
  • equipped with:
    • interchangeable ICE blade, for use on icefalls, with a shaped profile that enables optimal hooking and penetration into the ice;
    • CHANGE OVER, that thanks to its shape and its position, makes switching hands easy;
    • BUMPER, that offers support to the hand and discharges weight onto the ice axe;
    • IMPACT HAMMER (supplied unassembled) to increase the weight on the axe head.
  • light alloy handle with an anodized finish, with the geometry and length designed to better suit the various morphologies of the ice;
  • ergonomic moulded handle, for a great efficiency when used in traction;
  • steel hook with a hole for placing a carabiner and/or the elastic ice axe sling SWHIPPY.
  • accessories and spare parts available
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