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Climbing Technology TAMI Harness

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The Climbing Technology TAMI Harness is an Innovative harness for high-altitude, expeditions, ski-touring and mountaineering.

Developed in cooperation with Tamara Lunger. It is extremely compact and lightweight (weighing only 200 g).

Main features:

  • it is built with a lightweight and durable breathable mesh fabric, which gives a high comfort of use;
  • its construction allows easily putting it on and taking it off with either crampons or skis on;
  • the leg loops can be opened and they are equipped with the “Rel-Easy” system, which allows to quickly unclip the buckle even when wearing gloves;
  • the webbing in contact with the belay loop, is equipped with anti-abrasion reinforcement;
  • it is equipped with aluminium adjustment buckle, two gear loops and two additional slots for the tool carrier TRUCK (for ice screws, snow anchors, etc.). The additional slots are positioned in the bottom in order not to hinder the movements with a backpack on;
  • the encumbrance is reduced to a minimum when stored away in the rucksack or in a jacket pocket.
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