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  • Climbing Technology

    Climbing Technology have a great range of equipment for all types of climbing. They manufacture the majority of their products in Italy including the industry leading Click-Up belay device. 

  • Boot Bananas

    Saving the world from fruity feet, Boot Bananas were developed for climbing shoes but work great in all smell footwear. There's also a Winter Sports Boot Banana for ski and snowboard boots.

  • 8BPLUS

    8BPLUS are best known for their vibrant and exciting range of character chalk bags. The Austrian brand also have excellent quality chalk and a nice range of wristbands and accessories.

  • Troll

    Troll design and manufacture climbing clothing and equipment in Skipton, North Yorkshire. The aim is to produce long lasting products that offer good value for money in the long term and perform across all disciplines of climbing.

  • KletterRetter

    KletterRetter are a German company who make hand cream, chalk and accessories for climbing. We love the original KletterRetter hand cream. It comes in two easy to carry sizes, smells great and is just the ticket for soothing skin after a hard session.

  • PowerFingers

    A training device for climbers to improve strength and avoid injury through hand

    Each PowerFingers set includes different coloured rings, and each ring represents different resistance levels (levels 1 to 5).

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