Why do you need waterproof socks?

Why do you need waterproof socks?

Brand: DexShell

If you love heading out into the great outdoors (and chances are if you are reading this then you do), you will already understand the need to be prepared for any weather condition. For example, you wouldn’t dream of going for a walk in changeable weather conditions without a waterproof jacket would you?

Nothing will ruin a good walk, run or bike ride more than getting cold and wet miles from home and even those more local walks can become less enjoyable if you are running back home to beat the rain showers. So be prepared!

Often, our extremities are the first parts of our bodies to feel the cold and, even in warm weather, wet hands or feet can become cold very quickly which is uncomfortable at best and, in extreme conditions, can become dangerous.

Any outdoor activity from dog walking to ultra-trail running presents the opportunity for your feet to come into close contact with water. We will often encounter small streams that need crossing, puddles left over from previous rainstorms or just wet, dew-covered grass in the morning. Water is everywhere and without waterproof socks, your feet will become wet, cold and prone to blisters.

A high-quality waterproof sock such as DexShell will allow your feet to breathe – therefore not getting wet from the inside out – and will keep the external water away from your skin. The inherent properties of a waterproof sock will also mean that they tend to be windproof too so they work incredibly well on those colder dry days too. For those of you lucky enough to live in a warm and reasonably dry location, waterproof socks can actually help keep dust and sand away from your feet too!

Historically, waterproof socks have perhaps had a reputation of being thick and rustling a little as you walk. As such comparisons have been made to ‘walking with plastic bags on your feet’. This, we are pleased to say, is very much in the past and DexShell were at the forefront of making such socks comfortable and easy to use all day every day.

Nowadays there are options in various thicknesses for different types of year and climate. The use of a waterproof membrane sandwiched between an inner and outer layer also means that, on the foot, waterproof socks now feel just like ‘normal’ socks whilst being fully waterproof and breathable.

So to summarise, modern waterproof socks (and gloves) from brands such as DexShell protect you from the wet and cold whilst being comfortable to wear all day every day whether working, exercising or relaxing outdoors. They protect from blisters and even dust ingress as well as allowing your feet to breathe in all conditions. In short, waterproof socks add to your comfort, enjoyment and - in extreme cases – your safety in the great outdoors.

With all that said, why wouldn’t you want a pair of waterproof socks?


Published July 2022
Written by Mark Almond, DexShell Global Marketing Director
A seasoned cyclist riding both road and MTB
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