A Guide to DexShell Products - In Need of Gift Ideas?

A Guide to DexShell Products - In Need of Gift Ideas?

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If you haven't fully entered the world of waterproof socks yet, maybe it's time to learn a little more about what all the different products are. Things have changed since the early technology used in waterproof socks, DexShell waterproof products offer something different. They use a Porelle® waterproof membrane, this combined with carefully chosen materials and technology gives the products all the properties needed for high performance and dry comfort. This means a wide range of waterproof products can be offered for different activities and environments.

It can be confusing to know what to choose with all these different waterproof socks, hats and gloves. Let's help to make it clear.

Waterproof socks can be a game changer for outdoor enthusiasts, however, the qualities needed for running socks differ from that needed in winter hiking socks. The DexShell range offers socks of varying thickness, material properties, length and thermal rating, as well as style and colour.

Socks for active sports will require good breathability, a property which can sometimes be compromised with waterproof products, however with technology such as drirelease® and COOLMAX®, DexShell are able to maintain a comfortable wear during intense use. An example for active sports are the Running Lite socks: relatively thin - fitting nicely in your normal footwear, crew length for generous ankle coverage, padded in the heels and toes for durability, and able to wick away moisture - reducing the chance of discomfort and blisters.

Running Lite Socks

Another thin option which will not feel too dissimilar from your normal choice of active wear socks are the Ultra Thin Crew socks, made with bamboo for a soft feel next to the skin. These are very versatile socks which can be used to walk the dog, go on a casual run, or do most other activities which involve outdoor exercise. Another model worth exploring for active use are the Compression Mudder socks, a great choice for trail runners, with knee length protection from bogs, mud, sand and stinging plants. The extra length also makes them popular for some water sports such as stand up paddle boarding. There are also the Pro-Visibility socks, with hi-visibility yarn and COOLMAX® technology they're great for cyclists, or anyone commuting on bike/foot in the dark.

 Compression Mudder Socks

All DexShell products have a thermal rating, whilst the thermal rating of the socks mentioned above is lower than those to come, it's worth mentioning that they do keep your feet warm, mainly by ensuring that they don't get damp.

When doing activities that don't require much foot movement eg. fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, standing on the side-line of a football pitch, or if it's just much colder out, different sock models may be better suited. Using merino wool in the lining of waterproof socks can really help keep the cold out.

For some relatively thin, but warm waterproof socks, similar to standard walking socks, the Thermlite socks are a great choice. Ideal for hiking in cooler weather or for any activity where warm, dry feet would be welcome, these are probably a little thick for running in unless it's pretty cold out and you have the room in your shoes. For more extreme weather, or overnight camping, the Trekking socks and Hytherm Pro socks are worth considering. Think multi-day hiking, wild camping, winter mountain activities. These socks are thicker and include terry loop cushioning in the lining of the sock, giving extra warmth. The Trekking socks also come up much higher on the leg than the Thermite, giving more coverage.

Hytherm Pro Socks


Whilst socks have many variations, hats are much simpler. DexShell beanies are all designed to be warm and waterproof, the main differences are in style and colour. Every beanie has a fleece lined inner, giving a cosy soft feel around your head. The Porelle® membrane prevents any water getting through to the inner of the beanie, keeping you nice and dry. The outer is usually knitted, many different styles exist, such as the Watch beanie, Solo beanie, and Cable Pom Pom beanie. The Watch Hat is slightly different and is perhaps a little more suited to active sports such as running. It's worth mentioning there are also kids DexShell beanies too in the Children's collection.

Solo Beanie


Arguably the most important part of our body when it comes to the cold and wet, definitely the most exposed, is our hands! Gloves are a must in certain conditions, but often if your gloves get wet, your hands are instantly cold again! Here's where waterproof gloves come in.

Again, different DexShell gloves are suited to different situations, their main variation is thermal rating, some activities simply don't require really warm gloves, just something to keep the wind chill (and rain) off. Let's start with the most lightweight option, the Ultralite gloves are the thinnest, they stretch to the form of the hand and therefore provide good dexterity, complete with touchscreen finger and thumb, they're a great option for any outdoor use, and probably most recommended for general exercise in cooler weather. To up the warmth you have the ThermFit gloves, very similar fit to the Ultralite, but with merino wool content. Both these glove models now come in a 2.0 version, this has an improved fit and even better dexterity.

Ultralite Gloves

One step up the thermal rating are the StretchFit gloves, these also contain merino wool, but give a different fit. Using DEXFUZE™️ technology to laminate the layers together so they move as one, these gloves offer really good handling and fit. Similar to these in terms of fit and technology are the Drylite gloves, a high thermal rating but still very dextrous, the terry loop merino wool inner gives that extra warmth. The higher the thermal rating of the gloves the better it is for colder conditions, or situations where you will be moving less and generating less of your own heat. 

StretchFit Gloves

For the most wintery conditions where warmth, durability and comfort are of most importance, there are the Ultra Weather Winter Gloves. They include Primaloft® Gold insulation amongst many other features which make them perfect for cold winter sports or snow days with the kids. All the gloves we've talked about are touch screen compatible.

Ultra Weather Winter Gloves

We haven't mentioned every DexShell product in this guide but if you're left with any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. Now get yourself some waterproof accessories and put them to the test. You may enjoy your outdoor adventures even more!


Published December 2022

Written by Alethea Lund-Wright, DexShell UK Marketing


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